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NoteBUSTERS is an extracurricular vocal performance program currently operating in three schools in Washington, D.C.: Janney, Horace Mann, and Lafayette Elementary Schools. Any child in grades 1 through 5 may join without audition or  singing experience.  Students  learn musical repertoire, and get weekly opportunities to sing in large group, small group, or individually  at their neighborhood schools during each ten-week session.   NoteBUSTERS join hands with all three schools to offer two very unique concerts each year. The fall session ends with a traditional Thanksgiving show during the week before Thanksgiving. The spring session culminates in a final spring performance on the Sunday afternoon after Memorial Day.

The mission of noteBUSTERS is to provide, through music, an after-school experience for children to strengthen and nurture their positive self image. The tool is singing. However, it is the nurturing environment and the opportunities to perform that build confidence and encourage the children to assert themselves in a multitude of activities.

NoteBUSTERS musical message is the creation of artistic director, Alex Helsabeck. Mr. Alex is retired from the United States Army Chorus located Washington, DC. NoteBUSTERS instructors, who teach your children weekly, serve in the U.S. Army Chorus as professional vocalists.  NoteBUSTERS brings in many professional musicians from the military and the performance community to enhance, enrich, and support the children in the final performance. In uniform, they serve their country as musical ambassadors for peace. In civilian clothing and off duty, they offer children a chance to believe, to grow, and to excel. The energy is electrifying and unforgettable!






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